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            Interior Design

            Planning the furniture placement and layout of the inside of a building is what Interior Design is all about. It is the branch of architecture that deals with the selection and organization of furnishings for an architectural interior.

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            What size pillow fits a euro sham?

            User Avatar
            Use 28" x 28" pillow insert, if you want your 26" x 26" euro sham to be stuffed completely.
            Asked by Denis Block in Interior Design, HSC Maharashtra Board , Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE

            Why are blueprints blue?

            User Avatar
            The name stems from one of the first practical methods of copying images without simply tracing them by hand. John Herschel invented a way to do it with chemicals in 1842, and the process (called cyanotype) involved turning the paper blue. You would do your drawing on a very thin piece of cloth or paper and lay it over a piece of regular paper that had been soaked in the key chemicals. Then, after being exposed to bright light, the paper would turn blue—except where the drawing was blocking the light from getting to the paper, leaving those lines white. The process was extremely popular until Xerographic copies and computers started to take over, but the name stuck. Now, many blueprints are blue in name only.
            Asked in Interior Design

            How do you successfully mix wood tones?

            User Avatar
            Read the article at: http://bchicdesign.blogspot.com/2008/02/mixing-wood-tones.html I found it very helpful. M
            Asked in 湖北体彩app Improvement, Building and Carpentry, Interior Design

            What is the standard placement of a towel bar?

            User Avatar
            Towel Bar Height Here is input: Whatever height is most comfortable for you considering your height. If you are remodeling a 湖北体彩app to sell, I would place it at around 4 feet. Just make sure that a large bath towel will not drag on the floor. Standard adult towel bar height is indeed 48". For kids, 36" is considered standard. However, you should take into account placement of switches, plugs and HVAC vents. Of course, these heights can vary to taste, or if you want to "line up" with something else in the room. And, if you're renovating, don't forget to put blocking in the walls for a solid mount through the drywall or tile.
            Asked in 湖北体彩app & Garden, Interior Design, Definitions

            What does swept mirror mean?

            User Avatar
            Its a mirror in a traditional ornate mirror with a carved edge
            Asked in Interior Design, Beds, Mattresses

            How many people can sleep on a king size bed?

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            When we are planing for buying a mattress, the most important consideration is personal comfort . Spring well have been designed the luxury branded mattresses thats provides the pressure relief, comfort and support exactly where our body needs it.Spring well luxury Comfortable mattresses provides us superior comfortability and deeply relaxing,regenerating night's sleep. Springwell helps for finding the perfect bed . its also available if you want to purchases the king size bed for superbly spacious space.
            Asked by Answers Staff in Furniture, Interior Design, Ask Me Anything, Celebrities

            Answers with Nolen Niu?

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            Do you have any new designs or exciting projects in 2015 that we can look forward to? Every year we exhibit during New York Design Week in May and launch new pieces that we add into my existing collection. For locations and times, visit my <a href=/t/"http_/nolenniu.com">website</a>/index.html in May to find out more!
            Asked in Technology, Interior Design

            Is chrome stronger than brass?

            User Avatar
            Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc; the proportions of zinc and copper can be varied to create a range of brasses with varying properties. Brass is a sof metal, known for its low melting point and high malleability Chromium is a chemical element which has the symbol Cr and atomic number 24, first element in Group 6. It is a steely-gray, lustrous, hard metal that takes a high polish and has a high melting point. It is also odorless, tasteless, and malleable. The relative high hardness and corrosion resistance of unalloyed chromium makes it a good surface coating, being still the most "popular" metal coating with unbeatable combined durability. A thin layer of chromium is deposited on pretreated metallic surfaces by electroplating techniques Chromium when coated over a metal also known as chrome, is stronger than brass, for it has a higher melting point and higher hardness, but it's malleability is lower compared to brass.
            Asked in Painting and Staining, Interior Design, Decorating

            How many coats when using Kilz primer on the walls?

            User Avatar
            I always recommend applying 3 thin coats of such sealer primers. You have to remember that paint only cover a certain percentage (which is why we most often need to apply 2 coats in order to get a good coverage). But when using a sealer primer to hide a stain I always take the safer route and apply that 1 extra coat to avoid having to start all over again. If you are using a quality stain block primer, not Kilz, you should be able to block a stain in a single coat. Realize that many are designed to not visually completely cover, but to stop the oils, waxes, resins and undissolved solids from leaching through the top coat of paint, so you may still be able to see the shadow of the stain through the primer without needing to apply a second coat of primer.
            Asked in Interior Design, Colors

            How important is color scheme for spa?

            User Avatar
            Color has a strong force on mind and mood of a person. People go to Spa for relaxation and color plays a vital role to make you calm. Best color scheme for spa are sea colors. It can be lighter shades of blue or green and cream.
            Asked in Interior Design, Beds, Mattresses

            How do you disassemble queen size sofa bed?

            User Avatar
            You can always remove the mattress and leave the frame in the sofa. In many cases the frame helps support the seat cushions.
            Asked in Interior Design, Beds, Mattresses

            Can queen sheets fit a Full XL?

            User Avatar
            Yes, queen sheets will fit an XL full size bed. XL Full size bed dimensions are 54" wide and 80" long while queen size bed dimensions are 60" wide and 80" long, so the queen sheets will fit well lengthwise and you will have about 3" of extra sheet each side width wise
            Asked in 湖北体彩app Improvement, Painting and Staining, Interior Design

            Can you mix semi gloss paint with egg shell paint?

            User Avatar
            If the two paints are basically the same technical formula, then yes, you can mix them and expect the result to be a little shinier than egg shell.
            Asked in 湖北体彩app & Garden, Interior Design

            Where do you find house wallpaper with guns on it?

            User Avatar
            As a professional paperhanger for over 20 years, I would recommend to any client to google wallpaper and check out wallpaper sites. At them you can specify things like "roses" "guns" or anything and some have better search engines than others. Good luck!
            Asked in Interior Design, Beds, Mattresses

            What are the dimensions of a king size bed?

            User Avatar
            Twin Mattress39" wide x 75" long Twin XL Mattress39" wide x 80" long Full Mattress54" wide x 75" long Full XL Mattress54" wide x 80" long Queen Mattress60" wide x 80" long Cal-King Mattress72" wide x 84" long King Mattress76" wide x 80" long 76"x80" for King Size Bed.
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            How high should you mount a shower curtain rod?

            User Avatar
            The height at which a shower curtain rail or rod is mounted is determined by the following: The length of the shower curtain to be used. Ready made shower curtains are set lengths--typically 70 - 72 inches high. If you intend to use these without modifying them, check what lengths are available and set the rail height so that the curtain is clear of the floor of the shower so it will drain dry, and allowing at least a couple of centimetres gap for a little stretch in the fabric. If the shower base has a lip to stop the curtain blowing out, the curtain should be set to hang in contact with this by at least 50mm/2 inches. The standard size of a shower curtain is 70 inches wide by 72 inches high. Assume that the shower curtain will hang approximately 1-1/2 inches below the center of the rod and that you would like the curtain to hang 3 inches above the floor of the shower. Then the rod should be mounted with its center at 76-1/2 inches (72 + 1 1/2+ 3 = 76 1/2) above the floor. You should measure the length of the shower curtain first. It should hang 3-4 inches below the edge of a tub, or a couple of inches longer than the step of a walk in shower. Extra long shower curtains are available should you need them.
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            What colors match graphite?

            User Avatar
            a baby or sky blue would go great, I think.
            Asked in Geology, Interior Design

            What type of clay used for bricks?

            User Avatar
            Historically, just whatever type is readily available. When mixed with straw, it becomes "adobe brick".
            Asked in 湖北体彩app Improvement, Plumbing, Interior Design

            How can you stop water leaking through the shower head even when both water valves are off?

            User Avatar
            Be aware that for the first few minutes after turning off you will get the shower head leak a little. This is because the shower head has a large cavity inside that fills up with water in use. When you turn off, that water has to go somewhere, so it dribbles through the outlets of the shower head. If both shower heads are off no water should be going to your shower head. the only thing it could be is your shower valve itself. you probably have a pinhole in one of your o rings on the valve stem. try replacing the valve stems. I would start by replacing all the washers and o-rings on the hot and cold valves ( a lot cheaper than replacing the entire valve stem ). Try replacing the Valves, and then the pipe holders, (for want of a better word) to the wall. The shower diverter has a bad seal - very easy to replace.
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            What is the standard height for a closet rod?

            User Avatar
            In a standard 22-24" deep closet its 12" from back and 65-68" from the floor. For a double closet rod, top rod 75-80" bottom rod 36-40" from floor.
            Asked in Painting and Staining, Interior Design

            Can latex wall paint be used on artist canvas?

            User Avatar
            yes but its harder and you need a real thin brush
            Asked in Interior Design, Beds, Mattresses

            Can two people fit in a KING SINGLE bed comfortably?

            User Avatar
            If you have an extra long twin (single) bed, it is likely that two people would feel crowded..

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