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            Animal Health

            Questions about the well being and health of animals go here. How to help and prevent sickness and injury and what to do about it when it happens.

            Asked in Animal Behavior, Animal Health, Slugs and Snails

            What role does the shell play for the snail?

            User Avatar
            they are their 湖北体彩app to protect them from predators. I also provides support for their orgns and muscles.
            Asked in Animal Health, Vultures

            Do vultures eat plants and animals?

            User Avatar
            The palm-nut vulture of tropical Africa has a diet primarily of fruits and vegetables. Falconpunch: Turkey Vultures in North America have been known to feed on pumpkins.
            Asked in Leopards and Panthers, Animal Health

            Can you use sterile saline for animals on humans?

            User Avatar
            Technically yes, although you won't find a human physician ordering veterinary supplies for use on his own patients - the risk of liability in human medicine for doing this is too high. However, if you are looking at a first aid kit at 湖北体彩app, a veterinary sterile saline solution will do fine for a human.
            Asked in Animal Health, Cougars, Mountain Lions, and Pumas

            What does a puma eat that are plants?

            User Avatar
            Pumas are obligate carnivores and eat no plants.
            Asked in Animal Health, Carnivores

            Name of animals who eat other animals?

            User Avatar
            carnivores, such as: tigers, dogs, cats, lions, and humans.
            Asked in Animal Health, Invertebrates

            Do leeches live in lakes?

            User Avatar
            Leeches do live in lakes. As well as marsh land, slow moving streams, rivers and rainforest. Where they can survive out of water.
            Asked by Connor Lakin in Donkeys and Mules, Animal Health

            Why can't mules reproduce?

            User Avatar
            When a female horse and a male donkey mate, you get a mule, but two mules can’t mate to create another mule because of their chromosomal makeup. A mule gets 32 horse chromosomes from its mother and 31 donkey chromosomes from its father. Mules are almost always sterile because those chromosomes don’t match up well enough to create egg or sperm cells. I say “almost always” because there have been a few extremely rare instances of female mules reproducing with a male donkey or horse. But those are so rare they’re often called “miracles,” and there have been no documented instances of a male mule fathering any offspring. So, as far as we know, two mules cannot reproduce.
            Asked in Animal Life, Animal Health

            What kind of vitamin c do animals need?

            User Avatar
            Most animals bodies produce their own vitamin C. A few creatures (guinea pigs, one species of fruit bat and a few others) including people need to get their vitamin C from their diets.
            Asked in Animal Behavior, Animal Health, Science Experiments

            What is a physical adaptation?

            User Avatar
            A characteristic or modification in an animal's body that helps it survive in its habitat example: a Wolf has fur.
            Asked in Animal Health, Surnames

            Is nand lal from India?

            User Avatar
            The surname Nand-Lal originates from India, they immigrated to Trinidad apparently to help in the cotton fields. Family history has it that one of the Nand-lal brothers became a banker and then wealthy land owner and sent his sons to University in the UK, one was an Engineer, another a Doctor, and it is believed that the other was an Accountant. The brother Raman who was sent to the UK to study medicine first went to Edinburgh University an then to Birmingham to finish his studies... it was too cold for him in Edinburgh. You will find a few Nand-lal or Nand surnames in the UK as the -lal was dropped by some due to complications with UK people understanding the nature of the spelling.
            Asked in Science, Biology, Animal Health, Ecosystems

            What are the five large groups that living things can be classified into?

            User Avatar
            More correctly than saying all living things, you could say all eukaryotes (see diagram below). This is called the five-kingdom system of classification. I'm in the Taxonomicon at the moment and I copied this from there. I've used it for assignments before and it is very detailed. I love it. www.taxonomy.nl - the Taxonomicon. edit: The five kingdom system is not often used anymore in academia. This is because the monera kingdom has been eliminated and put into two domains (above the kingdom level) Bacteria and Archaea. I have edited the information below to show this change. Biota (all living things) (viruses are NOT living) - domain Bacteria - domain Archaea - domain Eukarya - for expansion see below Eukarya - Kingdom Animalia - Kingdom Plantae - Kingdom Protista - Kingdom Fungi - Basically: -Animal Kingdom -- this group is a very large group. It consists of both invertebrates and vertebrates. The groups within the invertebrates include: echinodermata (sea stars, sea urchins, sea cucumbers), arthropods (insects, arachnids, and crustaceans), nematodes (roundworms) molluscs (squid, snails, clams and other bivalves with mantles), annelida (segmented worms(earth worms, leeches, etc), nemartea (ribbon worms), platyhelminthes (flat worms) Rotifera (radial symmetrical), Acoleomorpha, Cnidaria (jelly fish, corals, sea anemones, hydras) and finally porifera (sponges, and other filter feeders). The vertebrates include Agnatha (jawless fishes such as lampreys), Condrichythyes (cartilagenous fish such as sharks), Osteichythes (ones like halibut), Amphibia (amphibians (toads for example), Repitilia (snakes, alligators for example), Aves (birds), and mammals (marsupials, rodents, felines, canines, etc) -Plant Kingdom includes a fairly big group of plants as well. Some of the plants or groups of plants that are within this group are bryophytes (mosses and lichens), liverwort, gymnosperms (conifers, decidious and other trees), angiosperms (flowering plants), Pteridophyta (ferns). These are just a few of the examples in this category. It also includes all of the algae that have pigments such as chlorophyll. -Protist Kingdom include other eukaryotic groups. These ones are examples such as plant like algaes (that don't carry the pigment chlorophyll), these may include brown and red algae, and animal like algaes and there are also ones that are mobile such as paramecium and amoeba, and then spores for example. Flagellates with long flagella e.g., Euglena Amoeboids with transient pseudopodia e.g., Amoeba Ciliates with multiple, short cilia e.g., Paramecium Sporozoa non-mobile parasites; some can form spores e.g., Toxoplasma -Fungi Kingdom this kingdom is known for decomposers. The popular group within fungi are mushrooms and other abiotic proerties within the environment that will work on the nitrogenous cycle.
            Asked in Animal Health

            What can you do for three sick pets who have already been to the vet but after four days the medicine hasn't worked and you can't afford to go back?

            User Avatar
            I would start by calling the clinic and asking if the pets should be better within four days - sometimes you don't start seeing improvement for a week or better depending upon the problem. If the vet states they should have been noticeably better, ask what can be done since you can't afford another visit. Your veterinarian may offer a payment plan or reduced costs on a return visit. Another option is to check with your local humane society, shelter or rescue group - many of these groups have reduced cost veterinarians available or a Good Samiritan fund to help pay for situations like this. Finally, if your pets are truly sick and suffering and you can't afford medication to treat them, you may need to take them to the vet for euthanasia - most veterinarians will offer very low cost or free euthanasia for pets that are suffering and owners cannot be treated.
            Asked in Animal Behavior, Animal Health, Moose

            What are a moose's adaptations?

            User Avatar
            * Long legs and a thick body allow the moose to move through deep snow and wet areas without trouble * Their hair is wider at the tip than the base to make an insulating layer of warmth around them in the winter months. * The two large toes on the moose hooves are spread apart wide enough to keep the moose from sinking into the snow * When winter begins, moose grow a thicker and furrier coat to stay warm
            Asked in Cancer, History of the United States, Animal Health, Demographics

            What are some of the leading causes of animal deaths?

            User Avatar
            THINGS THAT CAUSE ANIMAL DEATHS: *OLD AGE* CARS ILLNESS HUMANS BEING PUT TO SLEEP ABUSE ANIMAL SHELTERS KILL ANIMALS THAT DON'T HAVE 湖北体彩app. poisoned human hygiene issues The main reason for wild animal deaths though is habitat destruction, pollution, over harvest, and diesese
            Asked in Animal Health

            What does it mean when an animal is in heat?

            User Avatar
            When a animal or a pet is in heat that means that your pet or animal is able to reproduce at that time. If you fix your pet this won't happen. common to when female humans get their period. Improvement only most mammalian females are said to be in heat when they want to mate.Heat period is also called estrous and it is part of estrous cycle which is found in female lion tiger cat cattle rat rabbit etc.
            Asked in Animal Parasites, Animal Health

            Can leeches pass parasites to dogs?

            User Avatar
            No; leeches aren't vectors of dog true parasites but they can still infect them with other microorganisms like viruses.
            Asked in Animal Health, Zoology or Animal Biology

            Are there any animals that have green feces?

            User Avatar
            Babies often have green poo or yellow poo as it passes through the system so quickly More Many herbivores with inefficient digestion also have green feces. Goose droppings in my office park are almost indistinguishable from wet grass clippings. Almost. Cows - use to shovel the stuff at the dairy farm Lagomorphs, a family of mammals including rabbits and pikas, leave green droppings after they eat fresh vegetation. They then re-eat the feces and re-digest them. After the second digestion, the feces will be brown as more nutriment is extracted. Any animal can have green feces if it has an upset stomach or diarrhea.
            Asked in Animal Health, Centipedes, Earthworms

            What is the function of the setae on an earthworm?

            User Avatar
            Setae are external bristles that provide traction for the movement of a worm.

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